XClass ( Lan / Wifi Version )

XClass is an advanced Multimedia Classroom Management Software for computer laboratory with evolutionary breakthrough. It connects teacher with students in a networked classroom, helps students or groups Communicate, Learn and Collaborate with each other.

Various classroom management functions and remote control, effectively upgrade learning performance.

  • Screen Broadcasting and demonstrate
  • Interaction and Communication
  • Monitor & Control
  • Computer Labs Management & Control
  • Digitalized Language Lab
  • Corporate Training


Screen Broadcasting and demonstrate

  • Broadcast teacher’s or assigned student’s screen to student PCs
  • Real-time and synchronized broadcasting of video and audio
  • Demonstrate materials with Smart Pen

Interaction and Communication

  • Use intercom, send message or video chat with selected student
  • Group students to enable discussion and record the same
  • Allow phone call for the student to interact with each other
  • Send/Receive files to/from students

Monitor & Control

  • Teacher can simultaneously monitor students’ screens
  • Rotation mode allows different students’ screens to be monitored automatically like a slide show in a selected time interval
  • Monitor multiple audio sources on student PCs is also possible
  • Block student’s web browsing activities, disable USB, lock keyboard and mouse and monitor the application used by students
  • Access student PCs remotely and give instructions or assist them

Computer Labs Management & Control

  • Record teacher’s PC screen and audio during lesson so that students can review the lesson afterwards even they have missed
  • Allow teacher to organize lessons, quizzes and teaching activities in a well presented manner to enhance teaching efficient

Digitalized Language Lab

  • Teacher can divide students into different groups for different quiz papers, and results could be presented in group approach
  • Allow teacher to easily arrange an instant voting or raise a short question to assess and evaluate students’ learning progress

XClass Leaflet – Lan Version

XClass Leaflet – Wifi Version

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