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Anywhere is a device running on iOS and Android operating system, XCLASS MDM is an indispensable companion for your business, allowing you to manage in an even, safe and consistent way your organization.

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  • XCLASS MDM is a Mobile Device Management system tailored for schools. It manages simultaneously iOS and Android tablets and it includes many security and management services.
  • With our XCLASS MDM solution you have all the tools needed to manage, monitor, keep safe from data theft and safety breaches iOS and Android-based smartphones, tablets and interactive flat panels within your school.
  • XCLASS MDM helps schools to achieve best practice with ease which offers a vast amount of additional functionality compared to other solutions.


  • XCLASS MDM gives you the tools to consistently deploy and manage settings, policies, Apps, contents and updates, along with the certainty that every single device will be configured accordingly to its specific purpose.


  • XCLASS MDM gives you a wide array of tools for a granular management of the restrictions applied to the devices used among your school, preventing any undue use.


  • XCLASS MDM gives you all the tools needed to monitor and track the hardware efficiency of the devices, sending you alerts if any issue is detected and allowing a prompt remote feedback, even in case of loss or theft.


  • XCLASS MDM is a great solution for a BYOD-based approach, allowing the IT manager to manage separately personal and school data, in full compliance with the European GDPR rules.

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